Tronex World Review – Legit Biz Op or Big Scam?

Welcome into my Tronex World Review!

If you’ve been searching for your ideal internet business opportunity, odds are you have been overwhelmed by all the options out there.

Locating the opportunities is easy, but knowing which ones are legit and which ones are not is a bit harder.

Reading this review is an excellent first step towards figuring out if this company is for you.

In my review, I will provide you all of the information you need relating to this organization’s background, products, compensation plan, and price to join.

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Tronex World Review – The Company

Tronex World review

The Tronex World site does not offer you any information in regards to that owns or operates the provider.

The Tronex World website domain was independently registered as”” on the 8th of October, 2020.

Tronex World is a comparatively new iteration of the first Tronex, which appears to have dropped bringing out this most recent reboot.

Currently, Alexa rankings Russia, the US and India as the three highest sources of visitors into the company site.

Tronex World Reviews – The Products

Tronex world scam

Tronex World doesn’t have any retail products or services to provide retail clients or affiliates.

Affiliates who register simply market the Tronex World affiliate membership.

Tronex World affiliates are required to spend 100 TRX or more to get an advertised 200 percent ROI.

Referral commissions on these invested funds are paid out through a unilevel compensation construction.

A unilevel compensation construction puts an affiliate at the top of a unilevel group that puts every personally sponsored affiliate right under these on level 1.

After level 1 affiliates sponsor fresh affiliates, they are placed on the 2nd level of the original affiliate unilevel team.

When level 2 affiliates sponsor fresh affiliates, they are placed to the 3rd level, and this proceeds down as many levels as are required.

Payable unilevel team levels are restricted by Tronex World at ten.

Referral commissions are paid out as a percentage of investments created across these 10 levels:

  • Level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates) — 4%
  • Level 2 — 2 percent
  • Level 3 — 1 percent
  • Levels 4 to 10 — 0.5percent

Price to Join Tronex World

The cost to join Tronex World as an affiliate is a minimum investment of 100 TRX.


Alright, let us get to the final verdict…

Tronex World claims it could double your investment without any danger whatsoever…

This statement alone should be cause for concern.

Without a verifiable source of outside revenue, it’s likely that the provider is utilizing new investments to cover out ROI to present affiliates.

And this, my friends, isn’t a legal business practice.

My advice is to keep searching for that perfect chance, since this likely is not it.

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