Ultimate Business World Review – Legit or Scam? Find Out Here

Welcome to my Ultimate Business World Review!

Chances are you have been approached by someone on social media or in person and now you want to make sure that this company is actually legit.

The good news is you are actually doing your research and not just blindly jumping into it because so many people get burnt that way.

And I know you don’t want to get burnt right?

In this blog post, I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join.

Find out of this is for you or not…

Ultimate Business World Review – The Company

ultimate business world review

Ultimate Business World is int he digital currency MLM niche and is based out of Estonia.

Apparently this company is owned by Manhattan Securities, but there is no other information revealed…

When I checked out the Manhattan Securities website, it just shows “Website is currently updating and will be online soon!”.

The weird thing is the actual domain was registered over a year ago.

There is another website Manhattan Funding that forwards to Ultimate Business World website.

All three of these domains are set to private in their registration so I couldn’t find out who owns them…

I did find out that the Chairman credited on Ultimate Business World’s website is Pall Aschjem:

Paal is renowned throughout his international network for his role as the founder and longtime Chairman of the Norwegian–Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the Chairman of the Foreign Investors Council in Estonia, International Vice President of Junior Chamber International and the president of JCI Association of Senators in Europe.

Paal has developed several major companies in Norway and Estonia during the last 20 years.

Now I couldn’t really find much more info on him, it could be due to the language barrier, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe he is a super star you never know 🙂

Anyway, let’s look into the products next…

Ultimate Business World Reviews – The Product

Ultimate Business World doesn’t actually have any retail products or services, but have digital currency:

Our Vision is to be among the top 10 used currencies in the world and to be positioned behind these major currencies including the USD.

Ultimate Business World has something called UBW Coin.

Each UBW Coin is worth €1 EUR, now note that these coins have no value outside of the company.

Ultimate Business World members sign up and then pay a fee to get UBW coins like the following:

  • Starter (€60 EUR) – receive €60 EUR worth of UBW Coins
  • Business (€600 EUR) – receive €600 EUR worth of UBW Coins
  • Professional (€3000 EUR) – receive €1000 EUR worth of UBW Coins

You can also buy the coins directly:

  • €100 EUR purchases €100 EUR worth of UBW Coins
  • €200 EUR purchases €220 EUR worth of UBW Coins
  • €300 EUR purchases €400 EUR worth of UBW Coins
  • €500 EUR purchases €750 EUR worth of UBW Coins

These UBW coins won’t be available until May 2017 for the general public to purchase.

Ultimate Business World Compensation Plan

In the Ultimate Business World compensation plan, it pays you ROI through UBW coin direct investment and when you make an investment into Rental Income Units.

You can also get paid to sponsor other people in your business…

UBW Coin Investment

Ultimate Business World members can invest between €100 to €500 EUR directly into UBW Coins if they choose too…

The more Ultimate Business World affiliates invest into UBW coin’s the higher the value goes up.

You can then cash them out…

The amount of cash out will depend on how many people you have sponsored into the business.

Rental Income Unit Investment

When you are an Ultimate Business World affiliate, you can invest €600 EUR into a Rental Income Unit.

Out of that  €600, UBW will keep €120 EUR within the company and is used to pay Rental Income Unit Holders a daily ROI.

Remember, Ultimate Business guarantee’s a daily ROI of between €6 and €12 EUR.

Also note that every 12 months, an affiliate must pay 10% ROI fee if they want to keep their Rental Income units for 3 years.

Recruitment Commission Payout

When you sponsor people in the business, you get paid out through a 3×7 matrix compensation plan structure.

This compensation plan has 3279 positions in total that you can fill directly or indirectly.

When you do sponsor a member, you get paid like the following:

  • €1 EUR per Stater affiliate recruited
  • €10 EUR per Business affiliate recruited
  • Professional commission not disclosed

Residual income is also paid out through this same compensation plan at a rate of €10 EUR per €600 EUR.

UBW Marketplace Commission Payout

When your an affiliate, you can sign up merchants who are willing to accept UBW coins as a payment for goods and services kind of like BitCoin.

For each merchant you sign up, you can get 0.5% of the annual sales revenue generated by that merchant.


Depending on how much you make, Ultimate Business World offers the following bonuses:

  • Earn €25,000 EUR a month and receive a “dream vacation” and €7500 “value prize”
  • Earn €50,000 EUR a month and receive a €3000 EUR a month car bonus (recurring)
  • Earn €100,000 EUR a month and receive a “luxury watch”, “luxury clothes and shoes” and a “€30,000 EUR value prize”
  • Earn €200,000 EUR a month and receive a “€10,000 monthly prize” (recurring)
  • Earn €500,000 EUR a month and receive a “€30,000 monthly prize” (recurring)
  • Earn €1,000,000 EUR a month and receive a “luxury house”, “all inclusive VIP trip with family” and “VIP living with chauffeur”

Cost To Join Ultimate Business World

Ultimate Business World had three membership packages to choose from in total:

  • Starter – €60 EUR a year (automatically upgrades to Business Package once €600 EUR commissions have been made)
  • Business – €600 EUR ten year membership
  • Professional – €3000 EUR ten year membership

Ultimate Business World Review – The Verdict

This business is borderline, and it all depends on a few things…

The idea of having Ultimate Business World coins is great and has face value…

These coins then will be limited in production and will them to the public in 2017.

The problem I see with these coins is that they are worthless right now out side of the company.

And the value is based on how many affiliates have invested into the company.

I couldn’t find any evidence of any external income sources coming into the company either…

They are promising an guaranteed ROI, but how is that ROI coming in?

Is it coming from newly invested funds paying off existing members or are there other sources of income coming into the company to pay these ROI’s.

There are a lot of questions that have not been answered on the Ultimate Business World website.

They also have no refunds and won’t even buy back your coins…

In other words, I would proceed with caution and first find out how this ROI is generated.

It looks like a cool concept, but that’s not enough to join something with a lot of money.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Ultimate Business World review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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