USI-Tech Review – Legit Business or Forex MLM Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my USI-Tech Review!

There has been some buzz about this company, so I decided to investigate what it was all about.

Some say it’s legit, some say it’s a scam, but I am going to do you a favor and put all the rumors to rest so you can make the right decision…

I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you know what this company is all about…

Sit tight, pay close attention and read this to the end…

USI-Tech Review – The Company

usi tech review

It looks like the USI-Tech has no information on their website on who is actually running the show around there…

I decided to investigate  the USI-Tech website domain “usi-tech.info” and found out it was bought on June 23rd of 2016 and has Joao Severino listed as the owner of the domain.

Another thing I found out is that an address in Portugal was provided…

I couldn’t find any more information on it and it could be due to the language barrier…

Let’s take a look at the products next…

USI-Tech Reviews – The Products

When I checked out their website, it looks like they have no retail products or services, just the ability for affiliates to promote the membership.

When you do sign up, you get access to a Forex Auto-trading platform.

USI-TECH says this software runs on the MT4 Trading software and this software suite is free.

Also, USI-TECH claims their medium and long term strategy has in the past provided up to 150 per cent per year.

UPDATE:  AS OF 2017, USI-Tech has ditched the Forex trading and got into Bitcoin mining/trading.  As of right now they haven’t provided any proof of this, but apparently they will in February of 2018.

Another company kind of in the same boat is BitConnect.

USI-TECH Compensation Plan

In the USI-TECH compensation plan, you can earn on sponsoring people and brokerage fee’s.

Affiliates in USI-TECH are paid directly and residually in a 3×12 matrix compensation plan.

Recruitment Commission Payout

USI-Tech affiliates are paid €120 EUR per affiliate they sponsor in their business.

Residual Income Commissions

This is paid through a 3×12 matrix compensation plan structure and has 797,160 positions overall.

Positions in the 3×12 matrix can be filled directly or indirectly…

Before the bitcoin mining and trading, they offered a Forex product which paid out €150:

€150 EUR out of the €600 EUR each new affiliate pays is paid out in matrix commissions.

The €150 EUR is then split into 12 smaller payments (€12.50 EUR each) and paid up to twelve matrix levels.

Any USI-Tech members who don’t qualify for the matrix commissions are skipped overall together.

They have ditched that product and went into bitcoin mining/trading investment instead and pay you through a unilevel compensation plan structure below:

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Levels 2 to 8 – 3%
  • Levels 9 to 12 – 1%

Broker Commission Payout (Out Dated No Longer Offered)

Everytime USI-Tech members use the companies software, USI-Tech actually collect a brokerage fee.

Further, these brokerage fee’s are then paid out through the 3×12 matrix compensation plan mentioned earlier.

  • 25% of the brokerage fee charged is paid to the recruiting affiliate
  • The remaining 75% is split into twelve payments and paid out via the 3×12 matrix

The brokerage fee’s are not consistent will vary depending on how much you use their trading platform.

Cost To Join USI-Tech

The cost to join USI-Tech is €600 EUR.

Update:  Now you just invest in packages.

USI-Tech Video Overview

USI-Tech Review – The Verdict

Overall, this has two components and not really related…

It has a trading side where you use the MT4 software to trade and is run by a third party company called Royal Financial trading.

This is where you get the brokerage fee’s from and is part of the compensation plan.

The other side is the MLM business opportunity where you get paid in the 3×12 matrix compensation plan for sponsoring other members.

The iffy side to all of this is that they don’t have and retail products or services, only the affiliate membership which could turn this to an recruitment fest…

I won’t call this a scam as of right now because we will have to see how well the trading part is…

Only thing I find sketchy is this auto trading stuff…

That stuff never does well…

UPDATE:  They have ditched the Forex trading and went into BitCoin mining/trading and so far they haven’t provided any proof of this.  They will be revealing that information around February of 2018.

But we will see…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my USI-Tech review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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