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In my review, we are going to be looking at this company’s history, products and services, compensation place, cost to join, and an eventual verdict on what I think of it.

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Velimon Review- The Company

Velimon Review

When on the website of this company, at first glance, it fails to provide information about who runs or owns the business.

The website domain has been registered as since the 25th of March.

As you peruse through the site, you may stumble upon a video of a man with a distinct African accent, suggesting that Velimon has some sort of ties back to Africa.

I did find out that the United States is the largest source of traffic at 30% to the Velimon website.

Wow! Not a lot to work with, eh? I guess we should just move on then!

Other companies that have more company information are Copy Profit Success Global and The Super Affiliate Network.

Velimon  Reviews – The Products

Velimon products

Velimon does not offer any retail products or services.

Instead, affiliates who join this company will simply market the affiliate membership itself to others.

The Velimon Compensation Plan

Velimon affiliates purchase $5 positions in a six-tier 4×1 matrix.

What the heck does that mean?

Well, it just means that a cycle will be “triggered” when four positions are filled, or rather four affiliates are sponsored and they begin to invest $5 into the company.

Once that happens, they move on to the next level and so on and so forth. Altogether, the company claims it should generate an ROI of $5465.

Also, a 50-cent referral commission is made when an affiliate sponsors another affiliate, however, there is a cap on the amount that affiliates are able to withdraw, which is at $1000.

Cost to Join Velimon

The cost to join Velimon is free, however the catch is that income opportunity only occurs with a minimum $5 investment in a position.

Verdict on Velimon

Before I really get into my opinion of this company, let me present to you a brief snippet of text I found on their website:

“When you buy a $5 position, you can earn $5465 in just a few days!”

Wow, that’s a lot of money to be generated in just a few days with a low price to purchase a position. However, if the company promises 109,300% ROI, why would they only sell it for $5?

They just seem to be recycling the invested amounts to pay back former investors, a classic staple to any Ponzi scheme.

Poor suckers are dragged into the business and are the primary source of income for the business itself.

If affiliate membership slows down, so does Velimon.

Major losses, no refunds, and no large revenues sales.

Sorry Velimon, you just don’t make the cut.

I hope you enjoyed my Velimon review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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