Viiva Review – Legit Tavala MLM Reboot Or Just A Scam?

Welcome to my Viiva Review!

This is the latest reboot from Tavala MLM company and I decided to take a look to see what has changed.

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Just make sure you pay close attention and read this to the end…


Viiva Review – The Company

Viiva specializes in the weight loss and travel network marketing niches and runs out of Utah, USA.

I couldn’t find any information on the management details on the website, but did find a press-release that shows Joe Zhou as the founder.

It looks like Joe bought into this company about a year ago and that’s when the name changed from TAVALA to VIIVA.

Tavala launched back in January 2017 and was run by CEO Kent Wood.

Looks like in Viiva, he is the chairman and co-founder.

Steinway Huang was recently given the CEO position of Viiva and was the Chief Security Officer in Tavala.

Anyway, not sure why the rebrand launch, but let’s keep going…

Viiva Reviews – The Products

Viiva has a range of weight loss supplements more on the breakfast side of things.

Viiva sells healthy tasty nutritious breakfast and weight loss products.

The company could do without the promo code which is demanding to the point where you can’t even see the retail pricing because of it lol.

Weight Loss Products

Below is the list of weight loss products that the company sells with their retail pricing:

  • P3 Probiotic Kiiks – “helps balance healthy flora in your digestive system”, retails at $55 for a box of thirty single-serve sachets
  • Plant Base (Chocolate and Vanilla) – “a nutritious protein base to keep you feeling full, focused and energized”, retails at $100 for a box of thirty single-serve pouches
  • Amazon Superfruit Kiiks – “antioxidants help protect cells, balance the immune system and fight signs of aging”, retails at $75 for a pouch of thirty single-serve sachets
  • Trim Max Kiiks – “assists with weight management, appetite suppression and energy but with a little more intensity”, retails at $75 for a pouch of thirty single-serve sachets
  • Trim Kiiks – “assists with weight management, appetite suppression and energy”, retails at $75 for a pouch of thirty single-serve sachets
  • Green Power Kiiks – “greens improve mental clarity, physical energy and digestive health”, retails at $75 for a pouch of thirty single-serve sachets
  • Extra Smile – “fluoride and peroxide free and brings together a unique combination of oral care ingredients to help protect your teeth”, retails at $22 for a twin pack

Viiva weight loss breakfast products can be purchased in different bundle packs.

The good news is the company claims the products are manufactured in FDA GMP facilities.


Viiva Travel

Viiva also has travel services where you get access to a discount travel booking platform but it’s hosted on a different website.

According to Viiva Travel:

a membership service which provides unbeatable discounts on all things travel: flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, activities, and more!

Viiva Travel retails for $79.95 and then $70 per year which isn’t expensive (as long as the discounts make up for the price).

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Viiva Compensation Plan

Not sure but Viiva has no information on their website on their compensation plan.

However, did find some marketing videos out there with it so all good.

Sponsoring Commissions

Viiva pays their members a FAST START BONUS on their first order placed by their personally sponsored members.

The initial commission rates here will be determined by how much PV they generate in their first 30 days.

  • Produce 250 to 999 PV in your first thirty days and earn a 10% Fast Start bonus
  • Produce 1000 PV or more and receive a 15% Fast Start Bonus

Afer the 30 days, commissions are determined by your monthly autoship order:

  • Have a standing 120 to 249 PV monthly autoship and earn an ongoing 10% Fast Start bonus
  • Have a standing 250 PV or higher monthly autoship order and earn an ongoing 15% Fast Start bonus

Residual Commissions Binary Plan

Viiva pays their residuals through a binary compensation plan where you have a left and right leg.

These can be filled directly or indirectly by your team members.

At the end of each week, Viiva adds up all the sales volume on both legs and pays you 10% on the lesser leg.

Left over volume is rolled over to the following week.

Matching Bonus

Viiva pays their Matching Bonus through a unilevel compensation plan structure.

Company caps their unilevel at nine levels…

  • Ranks 1 and 2 with a standing 60 PV autoship order earn a 5% match down three levels of recruitment (doubled to 10% if they have a 240 PV autoship order)
  • Ranks 3 to 6 with a standing 120 PV autoship order earn a 5% match down three levels of recruitment (doubled to 10% if they have a 240 PV autoship order)
  • Ranks 7 to 12 with a standing 240 PV autoship order earn a 10% match down six levels of recruitment
  • Ranks 13 to 18 with a standing 240 PV autoship order earn a 10% match down six levels of recruitment and 5% down another three levels

Qualification information was not found…

Pay + Bonus

This is a matching bonus paid on sales volume generated through four levels.

This is capped at $1500 per month.

The pay out is determined by a Viiva affiliates monthly autoship order:

  • Maintain a standing 120 PV monthly autoship order and receive a 5% Pay+ Bonus rate
  • Maintain a standing 240 PV monthly autoship order and receive a 10% Pay+ Bonus rate


Global Bonus Pool

Viiva takes 2% of all company wide sales and drops it into this Global Bonus Pool.

This is paid out quarterly based on shares which you can get at rank 13 to 18.

  • Rank 14 affiliates gets one share
  • Rank 15 affiliates gets two shares
  • Rank 16 affiliates gets three shares
  • Rank 17 affiliates gets four shares
  • Rank 18 affiliates gets five shares

You can earn additional shares once you do this:

  • each personally recruited Elite Brand Partner; and
  • each personally recruited Elite Manager.

Cost To Join Viiva

Affiliate membership will run you $35.

You can get optional enrollment packages that will go for $200 to $1500.

The main difference between them is the amount of products you get.

Final Verdict

So does the Viiva scam exist?

Of course not, however, there are a few things you need to know.

First you need a mandatory autoship in this company which is frowned upon by regulators like the FTC.

This usually means more affiliates are making purchases than actual customers (historically speaking of course).

With a tactic like that the company could become a pyramid scheme.[1]

Another thing they should add is more retail incentives in their compensation plan to help boost more customers.

I recommend they make the autoship optional and get some more retail incentives going…

Anyway, I would proceed with caution at this time…

I hope you enjoyed my Viiva review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below…

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