Vista Network Review – Legit Business or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Vista Network Review!

With the buzz I’ve been hearing about this company, I decided to check it out for myself.

The company has gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time.

Considering that there are a lot of MLM companies out there, it’s very important that you research them before signing up.

I’m so glad you came here to do some research and get informed about the company you are thinking of investing with.

In my review, I am going to tell you about the company’s history, the products offered, and their compensation plan, so you can make the best decision on whether to join or not…

Alright, let’s start the review!

Vista Network Review – The Company

Vista Network Review

On the company website there is no info offered for the owners or operators of the business.

A little digging and some more research reveals that the Vista Network website domain was registered privately as “” on the 29th of May in 2017.

During the period of publication, data from Alexa suggests that the main source of internet visitors to the company website were from the USA.

This gives a big hint towards the company being ran out of and also centred in the USA.

Vista Network Reviews – The Products

Vista Network Products

Vista Network has no retail products or services for affiliates to purchase or sell.

But if affiliates wish to sign up with Vista Network, they can market the affiliate company membership.

The Vista Network Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to invest 0.05 to 8 Bitcoin and/or Ethereum on the agreement of a ROI rate at 200%.

Double your Bitcoin and your Ethereum within 80 days or less through an automated Dual Coin Platform, with payments and deposits being encrypted automatically with the ultimate Vista Algorithms.

Company affiliate ROI is paid out at a rate of 2.5% daily, therefore after 80 days a rate of 200% can be earned.

The company uses a binary compensation model to pay referral commissions to its affiliates.

The binary compensation model puts an affiliate at the top of a binary team, where the next level is divided into 2 sides (left/right).

The 1st level of a binary team will hold two positions and the 2nd level of the binary team is made by dividing the first two positions into a further two positions each, creating 4 positions in total on level 2.

Any future levels of the binary team are made as needed, and each new level will hold twice as many positions as the level before it.

The binary team positions are filled through direct and indirect sponsorship of new affiliates.

NOTE: The company does not cap the depth a binary team can reach.

The company will keep track of the new investments made into each side of the binary team by the investment volume.

The company adds up investment volume at the end of each day and the company pays affiliates a percentage of the funds matched on both sides of their binary team.

The percentage amount paid out is calculated by the amount an affiliate has invested:

  • Invest 0.05 BTC or ETH and receive a 6% binary commission, capped at 0.1 BTC/ETH a day
  • Invest 0.1 BTC or ETH and receive a 7% binary commission, capped at 0.2 BTC/ETH a day
  • Invest 0.3 BTC or ETH and receive a 7% binary commission, capped at 0.6 BTC/ETH a day
  • Invest 0.5 BTC or ETH and receive a 7% binary commission, capped at 1 BTC/ETH a day
  • Invest 1 BTC or ETH and receive a 7% binary commission, capped at 2 BTC/ETH a day
  • Invest 2 BTC or ETH and receive a 7% binary commission, capped at 4 BTC/ETH a day
  • Invest 4 BTC or ETH and receive a 7% binary commission, capped at 8 BTC/ETH a day
  • Invest 8 BTC or ETH and receive a 7% binary commission, capped at 16 BTC/ETH a day

That’s how you make money with this company…

Cost To Join Vista Network

The cost to join Vista Network as an affiliate is a 0.05 to 8 investment in Bitcoin and/or Ethereum.

Verdict on Vista Network

After doing my research on this company, I have come to the conclusion that this company may not be 100% legit…

The company says its ROI comes from investments made in:

  • mining
  • Trading (365 Days a Year/24hrs a Day Market Never Sleeps “RobotTraders”)
  • asset tracking
  • Asset Acquisition ‘Buy and Hold’
  • Asset Portfolio and Management
  • MLM ‘P2P’
  • BLOCKCHAIN Acquisition and Mergers and
  • Enterprise Level Software Companies or Acquisitions

But when you look for proof of these investments…there is none.

The above MLM P2P is something to point out, because it stands for peer to peer, and in the underground operations of the MLM industry this is a code that is not by any means secret…

But if you don’t know what it really stands for, it means affiliates paying affiliates…not investments generating ROI.

Although this might not be the total case with this company, at the end of the day the money flow seems to follow suit.

As new affiliates join the company, they will bring in new investment capital and that money is then used to pay older affiliates their owed daily ROI, and this cycle will continue as newly sponsored affiliates join in.

In actuality, other than the MLM P2P listed above, the way the company makes it investments seems to be phoney, because if the company was making true revenue within their investments in those other sources of revenue listed, they would have no reason to ask strangers over the internet for money, because they’d be rolling in dough.

Since this company has all the makings of being a scam, once new affiliate sponsorship slows down so will the money coming into the company….

And then ROI payments will slow down and soon the company will be out of money to make their payouts.

Investors may lose money if the company ends up drying out and having to close its doors because of a lack of new affiliates and investment capital.

I hope you enjoyed my Vista Network review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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