Webokane Review – Legit Opportunity or Another Scam?

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Whether you have already heard about this company or you just came across it in your internet searches, you are probably here because you want to know more.

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This review will go over the company background, the products and the compensation plan.

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Webokane Review – The Company

Webokane review

The Webokane website doesn’t provide any information in regards to who owns or operates the company.

The only information they offer is the following:

Webokane is a start-up company, however our team has decades of experience in this industry and management.

One piece of info I was able to find is that the Webokane website domain was registered privately as “webokane.com” on the 7th of June, 2016.

A little more digging revealed that Webokane admin emails are signed off on by Dillon Kreider.

Kreider first showed up on the MLM scene in 2015 as the CEO and founder of Trader Agency.

Trader Agency was a $100/position MLM company that was launched in 2015, however it seems that it collapsed at the end of 2015.

If you visit the Trader Agency website today, it redirects to the Webokane site.

Webokane Reviews – The Products

Webokane does not offer any retail products or services.

Affiliates who join Webokane only market the affiliate membership.

Webokane affiliate membership purchasers also gain access to a PLR e-book library and “exclusive monthly seminars”.

The Webokane Compensation Plan

Affiliates who purchase Silver or Gold memberships get paid to sponsor other affiliates who also buy memberships.

Silver Membership

A Webokane Silver membership costs $35/month.

Silver membership sales offer commissions based on sponsorship and paid out through a 2×3 matrix.

A 2×3 matrix puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix that has 2 positions right underneath.

These first 2 positions make up level 1 of the matrix and the second level is made by adding another 2 positions under each of the first two, for a total of 4 positions.

The third level of the matrix is constructed the same way and holds 8 positions, bring the matrix position total to 14.

Matrix positions are filled by direct and indirect sponsorship of new Silver Webokane affiliates.

As positions in the Silver matrix are filled, commissions are paid out like so:

  • Level 1 – $1 per affiliate sponsored (2 positions to fill)
  • Level 2 – $8.75 per affiliate sponsored (4 positions to fill)
  • Level 3 – $19 per affiliate sponsored (8 positions to fill)

Gold Membership

A Webokane Gold membership costs $150/month.

There is a $20 direct recruitment commission when a Gold affiliate sponsors a new Gold affiliate.

Gold membership sales residual recruitment commissions are paid out through a 2×13 matrix.

A 2×13 matrix works the same as the 2×3 matrix, but it continues down 13 levels as opposed to just 3.

Level are constructed the same in a 2×13 matrix as they are in a 2×3 matrix, with each new level holding twice as many positions as the level above it.

As Gold matrix positions are filled, commissions are paid out like so:

  • Levels 1 to 4 – $2 per affiliate sponsored
  • Level 5 – $40 per affiliate sponsored
  • Level 6 – $20 per affiliate sponsored
  • Level 7 – $10 per affiliate sponsored
  • Level 8 – $5 per affiliate sponsored
  • Levels 9 to 11 – $10 per affiliate sponsored
  • Levels 12 and 13 – $5 per affiliate sponsored

Matrix levels 5 through 13 appear to have earnings locked behind affiliate ranks tied to sponsorship:

  • To unlock level 5 an affiliate must personally sponsor at least 4 Gold affiliates
  • To unlock level 6 an affiliate must personally sponsor at least 6 Gold affiliates
  • To unlock level 7 an affiliate must personally sponsor at least 8 Gold affiliates
  • To unlock level 8 an affiliate must personally sponsor at least 15 Gold affiliates
  • To unlock level 9 an affiliate must personally sponsor at least 20 Gold affiliates
  • To unlock level 10 an affiliate must personally sponsor at least 30 Gold affiliates
  • To unlock level 11 an affiliate must personally sponsor at least 50 Gold affiliates
  • To unlock level 12 an affiliate must personally sponsor at least 100 Gold affiliates

There is also a 100% commission match on matrix earnings for Gold membership affiliates who personally sponsor other Gold affiliates.

Leadership Pool

The Webokane company puts 10% of company-wide revenue into something called leadership shares for top producing affiliates.

This is most likely for affiliates who sponsor the most new affiliates, but there aren’t any real specifics on it.

Cost To Join Webokane

The cost to join Webokane as an affiliate is either $35/month for Silver or $150/month for Gold.

The main difference between Silver and Gold affiliate membership is how much earning potential you will have through the compensation plan.

Verdict on Webokane

Although this company does offer access to an e-book library, as well as exclusive seminars, there still isn’t any real products or services being sold here…

The main focus of this company is recruitment…

The way to earn income is by bringing in as many new affiliates as possible…

And as we’ve seen, recruitment won’t continue on at the same rate it has in the beginning….

And when that happens, income potential significantly decreases…

So, my advice here is join at your own risk…

I hope you enjoyed my Webokane review, and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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