Weeconomy Review – Legit Crypto Biz or Flexkom Reboot Wee Scam?

Welcome to my Weeconomy Review!

This is one of the latest cryptocurrency mlm’s to pop up so I decided to check it out.

Maybe someone approached you on social media, email or you came across a video done by an affiliate and now you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Just make sure you pay close attention and read it to the end…

Weeconomy Review – The Company

Weeconomy Review

Weeconomy started life as Flexkom which ended up being a pyramid scheme that told people it was some kind of eCommerce platform.

However, late 2016 the company took a dive and today the Flexkom website redirects to “MPM Group AG”.

When the company went under in 2016, Wee Business Economy was launched.

Weeconomy (Wee and Wee Business Economy) is run by the same Flexkom owner Cengiz Ehliz.

It looks like Weeconomy is a new brand but is continuing like Flexkom…

They also refer themselves as just Wee.

Anyway, that’s all I got on the company, let’s look at the products next…

Weeconomy Reviews – The Products

Weeconomy seems to be a rebranded Flexkom’s merchant network.

Shoppers like yourself sign up and purchase products through these merchants who really are just Weeconomy affiliates and in return you get cashback.

Weeconomy cashaback

This Cashback can be cashed out or you can use it as a credit when you purchase products off Weeconomy merchant affiliates.

Shopper membership for Weeconomy platform is actually free, but this isn’t related to the network marketing side of things in this company.

Also they have a Wee App you can use…

Weeconomy Compensation Plan

Kind of like Eaconomy, I couldn’t find any compensation plan information on the actual website.

I did find some business presentations on the interwebs that helped me put this together.

Wee Cashback Commissions

Weeconomy member earn commissions every time a shopper joins with their cards/vouchers.

This is at a rate of 5% and is on the cashback only not the purchase amount.

Wee Sponsoring Commissions

Weeconomy members are paid to sponsor new affiliates:

  • Sponsor a Start package affiliate and receive €110 EUR
  • Sponsor a Basic package affiliate and receive €170 EUR
  • Sponsor a Premium package affiliate and receive €330 EUR
  • Sponsor a CallCenter package affiliate and receive €170 EUR

Share Returns

Behind Weeconomy’s cashback front is an investment backend of the company.

Weeconomy members invest in these virtual shares which apparently pay monthly returns.

Weeconomy Shares are actually bundled together with an affiliate signup package.

These virtual shares are connected to a “transaction pool” which apparently pays €560 EUR a month.

This happens off the initial investment of €9030 EUR in six Weeconomy affiliate positions.

Cost To Join Weeconomy

Weeconomy membership is attached to one of the packages below:

  • Start – €690 EUR
  • Basic – €1490 EUR
  • Premium – €2690 EUR
  • CallCenter €1290

Each package comes with one of their WeeCards which is passed to shoppers.

Final Verdict

So does the Weeconomy scam exist?

You basically join this company, invest in shares and collect monthly returns.

If you want higher returns, you must invest more.

Problem with this part is governments around the world think of this as securities and they must register to the proper SEC equivalent in their country.

However, they are not registered so make this illegal already.

Now the shopping platform is good in theory, however, if it’s not innovative and something that can be compared to let’s say Amazon or eBay, regular retail shoppers are not going to use it.

Most of the time with these platforms, affiliates start using them only…

Mid last year, Weeconomy introduced their own Weetoken ICO in the cryptocurrency side of things.

They have abandoned Cooinx…

This token is useless outside of the company and isn’t publicly traded.

So basically you are invested money in something that is totally useless and has no real value.

Weeconomy just makes up it’s value through it’s external exchange…

As of right now, this company is committing securities fraud, it’s a ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme.

Wow Weeconomy, you get a second chance and you blow it with this crap.

Anyway, in my opinion, I do NOT recommend joining this company.

I hope you enjoyed my Weeconomy review and if have questions, feel free to ask in the comments below…

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