World BTC Review – (2020) Legit Business Opportunity or Big Scam?

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Chances are you have already heard of or been approached by someone about this company.

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In my review, I will go over what you need to know about this company’s background, products, compensation plan, and cost to join.

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World BTC Review – The Company

First things first, the World BTC website provides very little information about who owns or operates the company.

While the World BTC website lists a “Justin Shopen” as its leader, the photo provided to represent Shopen is actually an individual named Joe Semaan.

Semaan’s LinkedIn profile cites himself as a “sales coach & leadership mentor”, and as far as I can tell, he doesn’t seem to be associated with World BTC.

World BTC’s website domain was registered privately as “” on the 10th of September, 2019.

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World BTC Reviews – The Products

World BTC has no retail products or services to offer affiliates or retail customers.

In other words, you can’t actually sell to customers which is a big no no in the FTC’s eyes.

To avoid bring a pyramid scheme, you must have more retail sales than affiliate sales.

Affiliates who join are only able to market the World BTC affiliate membership.

The World BTC Compensation Plan

Compensation plans should always reward you for retail sales and building a team…

However because there isn’t any retail sales going here, it’s just one sided…

To participate in the World BTC compensation plan, affiliates are required to invest $100 or more worth of bitcoin for a 5% to 10% weekly ROI.

The company caps investment terms at 24 months, which comes with a promise of 1040% minimum ROI.

The company pays out referral commissions on invested funds down 2 levels of sponsorship (unilevel):

  • 3% on level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates)
  • 1% on level 2

Cost to Join World BTC

The cost to join as an affiliate is free.

To fully participate in the income opportunity, affiliates are required to invest a minimum $100 in bitcoin.

Final Verdict

Okay, let’s get to the final verdict…

World BTC claims that they generate external revenue through expert trading.

However, I couldn’t find any evidence that any trading is taking place.

In fact, I couldn’t find any proof of any external revenue other than new affiliate investment.

What this likely means is that this company is using new investment to pay out ROI to existing affiliates.

Which is not a legal business model.

So, my advice here is to keep your investment for a better opportunity.

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