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ZBlackCard Review – The Company

ZBlackCards Review

A little digging revealed that ZBlackCard is run by Troy Mason out of Texas.

Interestingly enough, Mason first appeared on the MLM radar in 2013 as the CEO and President of Gas Club of America, which combined gas cards with penny auctions.

Trust me, you’re not the only one confused at the concept of this company… apparently it all fell apart only a few months later.

But Mason came back better than ever apparently as he reemerged in 2015 with Zlicense.

Zlicense focused on promoting medical sleeves that linked to a website that provided personal medical information.

The site still seems to be up and running and Mason doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

He came out with another branded offering known as the “Ztegrity” recently as part of his big MLM showing.

ZBlackCard Reviews – The Products

ZBlackCard products

Unlike other MLM opportunities, ZBlackCard markets a type of debit card that is “elite”, “prepaid” and for the “masses”.

Hmm, as if we haven’t heard that one before…

More specifically, in his pitch for the card, he states that he wanted to provide the same experience as a deluxe credit card without the “ridiculous fees”.

I found this snippet on their website where he specifically points out the advantages to the ZBlackCard:

  • Improves your credit score and finances
  • Let’s you drive your dream card
  • Less fees than other cards
  • Impress your associates and
  • “Boss toss it on tables”

But when I read into it in even more, I found an interesting aspect in the fine print.

Pricing upfront ranges from $60 to $500, but follows up with $60 to a potential $840 a year afterwards.

A bit steep, no?

No further information was provided about retail pricing on the website.

The ZBlackCard Compensation Plan

The ZBlackCard compensation plan pays affiliates for selling these branded deluxe cards to customers and sponsored affiliates through a 3×10 matrix.

An affiliate of ZBlackCard is placed at the very top with three positions directly under them, forming the first level.

After that, each position splits off into another three positions each and so on and so forth to create the second, third, fourth levels, and so on.

Each position in the matrix pays:

  • $1 anytime a new ZBlackCard is sold (one-time)
  • 1% on a custom card order
  • 50% on card design, card style and/or elite upgrade
  • Auto Rewards
  • Auto and Combo ZBlackCard affiliates qualify for Auto Rewards.

Of course, ZBlackCard pays Auto Rewards based on a 5×4 matrix.

These rewards then pay $1-$6 upon sponsorship of various affiliates, with the potential to even increase depending on the position in the matrix (higher could mean more money!).

A 5×4 matrix has five positions on the first level, splitting off into another five positions down a maximum of four levels:

  • Level 1 (5 positions) – $1 per position filled per month
  • Level 2 (25 positions) – $4 per position filled per month
  • Level 3 (125 positions) – $5 per position filled per month
  • Level 4 (625 positions) – $6 per position filled per month

VIP Rewards

VIP and Combo ZBlackCard affiliates receive VIP Rewards when they spend more, which seems to be the same as auto Rewards except through a 5×5 matrix at a rate of $1 paid per position to the affiliate doing the sponsoring.

Lifestyle Bonus

When affiliates are personally sponsored, they have the chance at the Lifestyle Bonus, which seems to be almost the exact same as the Auto Rewards.

It has no qualifications, especially during the first 60 days of the affiliate’s sponsorship within the company.

After that period, an affiliate MUST sponsor and keep at least 5 potential affiliates for their first 60 days…

Affiliate Rewards

ZBlackCard reward affiliates who sponsor and build teams of affiliates with 10 tiers of rewards:

  • Level 1 (sponsor and maintain at least 3 affiliates and have a total downline of 25 affiliates) – $50 movie night voucher
  • Level 2 (sponsor and maintain at least 5 affiliates and have a total downline of 50 affiliates) – $100 gas card
  • Level 3 (sponsor and maintain at least 7 affiliates and have a total downline of 100 affiliates) – “dinner for 2 at the 5-star restaurant of your choice” up to $250
  • Level 4 (sponsor and maintain at least 10 affiliates and have a total downline of 250 affiliates) – “NFL or NBA game of your choice” up to $500
  • Level 5 (sponsor and maintain at least 15 affiliates and have a total downline of 500 affiliates) – weekend in Las Vegas for two including airfare ($1000 value)
  • Level 6 (sponsor and maintain at least 20 affiliates and have a total downline of 1000 affiliates) – Carnival cruise for two including airfare ($2500 value)
  • Level 7 (sponsor and maintain at least 25 affiliates and have a total downline of 2500 affiliates) – $5000 shopping spree
  • Level 8 (sponsor and maintain at least 30 affiliates and have a total downline of 5000 affiliates) – $10,000 Rolex watch
  • Level 9 (sponsor and maintain at least 35 affiliates and have a total downline of 12,500 hundred affiliates) – all expenses paid vacation to Paris with spending money ($25,000 value)
  • Level 10 (sponsor and maintain at least 50 affiliates and have a total downline of 35,000 affiliates) – luxury car of your choice ($75,000 value)

Cost to Join ZBlackCard

The cost to join ZBlackCard is categorized into three price-points:

  • VIP Affiliate – $20 a month
  • Auto Affiliate – $50 a month
  • Combo Affiliate – $70 a month

The real difference in income potential comes in with the compensation plan, especially since only Combo affiliates are able to earn the big bucks at the end of the day with all their commissions.

Verdict on ZBlackCard

What we have here is a classic case of MLM fever – too much focus on the sponsorships and not enough on the retail products.

Now trust me, I appreciate any innovative idea that avoids the fees that are attached to credit cards, however I gotta admit this seems a bit too sketchy for me.

I mean, a retail customer purchases a ZBlackCard but any following fees are not tied to the compensation plan… In fact, they are considered to be “outside” of them.

They are literally running on only time and the monthly affiliate fees until this whole idea blows up.

When examining the $1 a month for VIP Rewards, $1 to $6 a month for Auto Rewards and then whatever the Lifestyle Bonus is, it becomes really obvious that this company needs more people purchasing the actual card than affiliates.

Otherwise, retail activity is nothing but smoke.

My advice is to ask your sponsor about the number of actual card holders…this is a good indicator of what their true focus is.

And let’s just go back to this “deluxe” card again for a sec…

Sure, it can be nice to have a card in your wallet that makes you feel like the big boss you are promised to be, but how many people really get that urge on a day-to-day basis?

Ever felt the need to throw down your card in any situation?

Nah I don’t think so.

Oh, and did I mention they used Noble 7 Crowdfunding’s logo on their custom card example?

To those who don’t know, Noble 7 was a Ponzi scheme in 2017 that saw the light of day for a very short period of time.

Sorry ZBlackCard, you just don’t seem to make the cut for me personally and I advise you guys to make sure you personally look into this company before investing any money into it.

For that reason, I rate this the following:  [yasr_overall_rating]

I hope you enjoyed my ZBlackCard review and if you have any questions feel free to ask below…

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